Gamma-ray Pulsars at INFN-Pisa

In this page we present our activity regarding pulsar science with GLAST. Our main activities regards the simulation of gamma-ray emission from pulsars and the analysis of data from pulsars.

starGamma-ray pulsars in the GLAST era
    A very brief introductory text on the gamma-ray pulsars known today and on the GLAST capabilities on that

starThe PulsarSpectrum simulator
    Informations and data about PulsarSpectrum ,the gamma-ray pulsar simulator we have developed in Pisa

starGamma-ray pulsars tutorials
    Some useful HowTo related to pulsar simulation and analysis in GLAST.

starPulsar data gallery
    Simulated data with PulsarSpectrum.

starPulsar Image gallery
    Some useful pictures about pulsars.

starPulsar links and useful resources

starLAT Science Analysis Tools
    Data and results on our activity on LAT Pulsar Science Tools.

starLAT Science Group on Pulsar/Plerions/PWNe
    Our activity within the LAT Science group on Pulsars.

starGamma-ray pulsars for Data Challenge-2
    Work for preparing and analysing pulsars in the LAT Data Challenge 2.

starReports and talks on pulsar activity


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