Glast Italia Software Meeting
Pisa 11-12 Ottobre 2001

Sistemazione: e' possibile trovare un elenco degli hotel della zona al seguente  indirizzo .
Sede: le riunioni avranno luogo nella sede  INFN  di Pisa, a S.Piero a Grado, nella sala riunioni.


Thursday morning session:
10.30 Benvenuto
30 Gamma Ray Bursts - science group V activity report and discussion (PDF) Omodei
30 Dark Matter - science group IV activity report and discussion (PDF) Lionetto
30 AGN - science group III activity report and discussion (PDF) Tosti
30 Activity report from Arcetri (PDF) P. Blasi

Thursday afternoon session:
14.00 30 BFEM Data Analysis (PPT) Kuss
20 BFEM Event Display status (PPT) Lumb
20 G4 validation: comparison with beam test data Perugia
20 G4 validation: physics processes validation Udine
20 Event generator for gamma ray bursts (PDF) Omodei
20 Digitization classes - status (PPT)   Bari
10 How shall we validate the digitization algorithm? Pisa
17.00 coffe break
17.30 60 Glast General Software VRVS meeting all
18.30 20 Tracker Construction DB status(PPT) Latronico

Cena di gruppo

Friday morning session: hands-on workshop with demonstrations, tutorials and open discussions on our common development of the simulation tool for the BFEM. The following is just a list of items and possible contributions which should be used as a track for the morning session:
9.00 Use detModel - select a geometry file for running a simulation Udine
Run a G4 simulation - connect to the event generator Ferrara/Trieste
Digitize the output Bari
11.00 coffe break
Connect to Recon Pisa
Scan events using the event display Pisa
Reconstruction algorithms - UserAlg Kuss
Prospects for a full LAT simulation tool all


Lista dei partecipanti - Photo gallery

L.Latronico (INFN Pisa), N.Omodei (INFN Pisa), N.Lumb (INFN Pisa), C.Cecchi (INFN Perugia), G.Tosti (INFN Perugia), P.Lubrano (INFN Perugia), A.Saggion (INFN Padova), G.Busetto (INFN Padova), A.De Angelis (Dip. Fisica Udine), R.Giannitrapani (Dip. Fisica Udine), F.Loparco (INFN Bari), M.Brigida (INFN Bari), N.Giglietto (INFN Bari), D.Guetta (Arcetri), E.Amato (Arcetri), P.Blasi (Arcetri), R.Bandiera (Arcetri), M.Kuss (INFN Pisa), R.Bellazzini (INFN Pisa), J.Cohen-Tanugi (INFN Pisa), G.Spandre (INFN Pisa).