LAT Calibration Unit Beam Test

Third Workshop

The workshop will take place at INFN-Pisa , on june 28-30/2006, 


  1.  Analysis of mass simulation: scientific goals coverage and status of analysis for:
    • PSF
    • Aeff
    • Energy Recon
    • Hadronic interactions
    • background rejection
    • G4 validation
    • Backshplash
  2. Preparation of analysis tools for the run
  3. Feedback to simulation
  4. CU instrument data and calibrations analysis
  5. Ancillary systems calibrations and verification of synchronization with CU
  6. Tutorials for online and quick offline monitor 

Workshop draft agenda, 28-30 june

Working groups will be active for ACD tests, CU system test and DAQ synchronization

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